Benefits: We believe it is crucial to understand the experiences of individuals in serodiscordant relationships, in order to provide timely information, services, and support. First, we want to identify who is in most need of services, and what services they need. Second, we want to understand how everyday relationship satisfaction and stress varies across Canada. Learning about these things may help us to improve quality of life, relationship quality, and service availability for you and other people living in serodiscordant relationships.

Risks: The risks of participation in this study are minimal. It is possible that you may experience minor embarrassment or discomfort, since some of the questions will be personal. You could also experience discomfort or stress if you, or your partner, tell each other something that you previously kept secret. In rare cases this could lead to anger, distrust or violence. Therefore, you may want to carefully consider what new information you tell your partner or other confidants. To reduce the impact of any of these potential risks, a list of resources will be provided to you—with contact information for local health professionals, counsellors, and HIV/AIDS education and support providers.