Participation in this research study is voluntary and all your answers are anonymous.   You can skip answering any question, and you can withdraw from the study at any time; however, since the survey is anonymous, once you click on ‘submit answers’ at the end of the survey, your answers will remain in the study records. If you complete the survey on-line, your IP address will not be collected, and we will not leave any cookies on your device.

If you currently have a partner with a different HIV status from you, when you have completed the survey you will be asked to create a unique code and invite them to also complete the survey. Your partner can choose whether they would like to take part in the survey or not. Your partner will not be able to see your answers by using the code.

If you agree to provide your name and address in order to receive a token of appreciation from us, this information will be collected and stored in a secure (password-protected, encrypted) database, separate from your survey and interview responses. Your mailing address will be deleted once we mail you the gift card. Likewise if you wish to volunteer to participate in phase 2 of the study – an in-depth interview, we will delete your telephone number/email address once you participate. Only 120 volunteers will be interviewed, so if we do not contact you, we will delete this information once all interviews have been completed. Before its deletion, only the Project Manager will have access to your contact information.