In-depth interview: At the end of the survey, you will be asked if you would like to take part in this conversation-like interview by telephone. If you are interested, you can leave your phone number or email information in a form that is separate from your survey answers.

We can only interview a small number of people, about 120 people, or 60 couples. So, not everyone who volunteers will be contacted to take part in this part of the research. If we do call/email you, we will do it within about 6 months of your survey.

Why do we want to do these in-depth interviews?

While the survey provides us with important information, we don’t believe that it can fully capture what it is like to live in a relationship where one partner has HIV and the other doesn’t. To better understand, we would like to talk with a small number of survey participants to hear about their experience, from their point of view. This will help us to better understand the lives of people and how serodiscordant relationships can change over time. This interview will take between 1 and 1 ½ hours to complete.

If you take part in the in-depth telephone interview, we will send you a second gift card, worth $40.